The Terminator (NES) Game Genie Codes

Hi all,

I decided to do some codes for this game..I played through it twice to test everything was okay and make sure you can play to the end. As you can see, there are quite a few codes to be immune to damage but this was just how the game was coded. I couldn’t be bothered doing the driving levels since the lives codes are all you really need there. Unless I have made a typo somewhere everything should be okay. Have fun, enjoy etc.


Infinite Lives



Start with fifty grenades



Hearts fully restore health



Mega Jump

NOTE – It is possible to kill yourself by jumping through the top of the screen. However, this does not happen if you combine this code with the ‘fall through pits’ codes below.



Low gravity fall

NOTE – affects most things, including grenades.



Safely fall through pits



– Some damage modifier codes –

Acid droplets do much less damage



Projectiles do much less damage



Endoskeleton punches do half damage



– Alternative –

Take no damage from attacks\hazards (except overhead driving levels)

NOTE – falling into pits still means instant death unless you also use the above ‘fall through pits’ codes. Also, the following codes are not dependent on one another, so you can use any three on real hardware.









DJ Boy (J) (Mega Drive) New PAR Codes

Hiho folks,

DJ Boy is an early generation Mega Drive game that was ported from a relatively obscure coin-op.

I did some codes for the Japanese version, please keep in mind that they are not compatible with US or EU versions.


DJ Boy (Japan) PAR Codes

Begin game with double amount of energy


Begin game with double energy units



Round 1 & 2 Boss starts on one energy bar (Also works on round 5 Boss rush)


Round 3 Boss starts on five energy bars (Also works on round 5 Boss rush)


Round 4 Boss starts on one energy bar (Also works on round 5 Boss rush)


Round 5 end Boss starts on one energy bar


Round 6 Boss starts on one energy bar


Some alternatives

Round 1 & 2 Boss defeated on arrival (Also works on Round 5 Boss rush)


Round 5 end Boss defeated on arrival


Round 6 Boss defeated on arrival


Another alternative

Bosses never show up! * except final


djboyj * You must disable this code before Round 6 starts or else the game can’t end.

Mr Wino (C64 review)

Hi all,

I came across this game the other day, it is yet another of countless Manic Miner influenced titles…what makes this entry any different?

Well, the scenario is a tad unusual – The title character Mr Wino  went on the ultimate bender and slipped into a booze infused nightmare slumber and needs to escape his personal hell by collecting wine bottles that unlock gates in his dream world. Mr Wino was released in 1988 but it looks as if it was shelved for at least four years, the visuals could be described as primitive and hardware collision registers are used which is nearly always a telling sign.

If you think I am being negative about the game from the last sentence, don’t jump to conclusions. To be honest I don’t mind playing games of this type once in a while, there is a strange compulsion to keep at it once you settle in learning the monster patterns & level layouts, I guess that old ‘…just one more go’ quotient – it is difficult to explain but there is a reason for the huge popularity of these kind of games.

Mr Wino’s sprite is reasonably animated, looking something like a cross between Gonzo and Q*Bert. There is not much in the way of notable special touches concerning the graphics, it is possible to turn Mr Wino 180 degrees toward the screen in order to climb ladders and this is accompanied by a small animation.The hostile things in the game resemble stuff like frying pans, gasping blobs, rotary phones and bowls of pasta, the gfx are functional and that is all that is required for a game of this type.

I mentioned the monster patterns earlier, something interesting is with most of these games the movement patterns are strictly uniform & predictable but some monsters in Mr Wino have an element of randomness, just when you thought it was safe to ascend that ladder the nasty changes it’s mind and heads back in your direction! For this reason the game seems very rough going without cheats and I played the game for quite a while and came to a level that seemed unfinished, but the truth is you wouldn’t actually reach anywhere near this section anyway.

Mr Wino certainly isn’t the worst example of a platform & ladders collect ’em up so if you decide to give it a try click here for some POKEs