Smash T.V. & Total Carnage (Amiga) AR cheats

Smash T.V.

Inf. Lives

M 5B80 4E 71

Don’t lose weapon after death

M 5B60 4E 71 4E 71 4E 71 4E 71

Don’t lose speed-shoes after death

M 5B70 4E 71 4E 71


Total Carnage (ECS)

TotalCarnage Config note – A500+ 1 MB Chip RAM

Inf. Lives

M 241E8 4A



Rick Dangerous & Rick Dangerous 2 (Amiga) AR cheats


Rick Dangerous

Action Replay Collision cheat

M 456C0 <press enter> 60 <press enter> <press esc> x <press enter>


Rick Dangerous 2

Action Replay Collision cheat

M 13294 <press enter> 4e 71 4e 71 <press enter> <press esc> x <press enter>


Rick Dangerous 2 Collision cheat in effect

Else we get mad! (Amiga) Action Replay cheats


Here is a new free\PD beat ’em up Amiga game that was uploaded to Aminet a few days before the new year. The basic play style reminds of Kunio-Kun brawlers with comical characters with oversize heads. I played it for awhile last night and it is quite fun. Anyway, some cheats

note – tested on unexpanded A500+ and A1200

Energy (Player 1 – max. is 64)


Stop Timer


m AD4BC <enter> type over 4E 71

HRTMon (WinUAE built-in)

h AD4BC 4e71


Beast Busters (Amiga) Action Replay cheat

note – doesn’t play nice with older Action Replay models mk 1.0 or 1.5

Infinite Credits

Action Replay II & III

TFD 19150

or on AR II it might be faster just to…

m 18a88 4A


Yvonne-pic FYI or whatevs

If you use WinUAE then you could alternatively use the integrated debugger. Start the game then use the key combo (SHIFT+F12), to enter the cheat here notice the prompt at the bottom of the debugger window, the form looks like this

W 18a88 4A

type that in exactly as you see it (note the capital W), press enter then type ‘g’ (no quotes) and press enter again, then close off the debugger and play. Simple, eh?


Amiga Action Replay Update

Added Amiga Action Replay cheats for the following games – Bank Buster, Fright Night, Megaball (OCS), Sorefist, Sly Spy, Seemore Doolittle’s Underwater Caper’s, Space Assault

Further additions will be added here

HIGGY pic Assimilation: Caffeine 2, Baldy, Wanted, Warlock’s Quest, Karate Champ

Update 28-11: A New Adventure: FaYoh 2, Alien Storm, Son of Zeus, Sound the Space Cadet, X-It

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Fright Night (1988)(Microdeal)

Fright Night