Amiga Action Replay Update

Added Amiga Action Replay cheats for the following games.. Click Here

Raid 1-4, Dragon’s Kingdom, Dithell’s Wonderland, Charlie Chimp, Charlie Chimp And The Treasure Of Tutankhamun, Crack, Classic Arcadia & Baby Arcadia

Typhoon, Premiere, Sword & The Rose, Chuckie Egg 2, Fantastic Voyage, Erik, FootMan, Future Classics Collection, Galdregon’s Domain, Phantom Fighter, Act Out, Discer, Bomb Busters, Soccer Pinball, Yogi’s Great Escape


Arkanoid, Demolition, Nobby the Aardvark, Jet Set Willy II, Adventures Of Quik And Silva, Hard ‘n’ Heavy, Frost Byte, Vixen, Mouse Trap, Legacy, H-Ball, Rebound, Cliffhanger, Cyber Kick, Snoball in Hell, Theme Park Mystery