ShadowHawk (SNES) PAR Codes

Not much really to say about this one, something interesting is you probably never heard of it. And I assure you there is a good reason for that…I will let you employ your superior Batman-esque detective skills to figure out why.

On playing this game I was reminded strangely of Maximum Carnage, I suppose the obligatory comic book cut scenes and how building architecture looks eerily similar in both games. Aside from that, the basic game design made me think more of the home computer game of Suburban Commando, which also emphasized perpetually fighting street thugs, walking through hidden walls to find secret areas and having one on one fighting sequences for boss encounters.

ShadowHawk PAR Codes

Lives – 7E00CC:02

Energy – 7E00CD:7F


Suburban Commando – Ooh, the secrets!


ShadowHawk – Ooh, the secrets!