Ghalfa One (Atari ST) Hex Cheats

Config note – TOS 1.00 & 512 kb RAM

If you are not sure how to use these cheats, maybe look here

Inf. Lives

@13488 4E71

Re-spawn on the screen you died on (Level 1)

note – your character falls in from the top of the screen.. try not to die over a chasm!

@133B2 4E71

Re-spawn on the screen you died on (Level 2)

@133FA 4E71

Re-spawn on the screen you died on (Level 3)

@13442 4E71


Pablo and the Gold of Montezuma (ST) Cheats

Hi all,

This is about the best Bdash clone I have encountered on the ST, nice clean level design and some neat features I had not seen in similar games…I really like how the torch is used, quite ingenious!

What you need

Steem Boiler

TOS v1.00 image file

The game (I used D-Bug Menu Disk 132)


Getting started

Setup the emulator from the Options menu (spanner icon) with the TOS mentioned above, set the model to STE – it will complain about the TOS, just click ‘okay‘, set Monitor (Low\Medium res) and set memory to 512 kb. Your config should look something like the pic below

config - tos1

Now insert the game disk using the Disk Manager, and start up the game – get past the title so you are actually in-game.

Now, mash the F12 key and bring The Boiler Room into focus. Now click the ‘Browsers‘ drop-down menu, and click on ‘New Instruction Browser’ menu item. You will see a window appear like the pic below

pablo lives sub

Type in the offset shown (E946) in the upper left corner. Now click in the Hex area, where it says 5379, and type over the 53 with 4A, so it looks the same as the pic below

pablo lives test

That’s it! now press the pausebreak key or F12  to resume and If everything went smoothly, you will now have infinite lives. If you also wanted to get rid of the pesky timer, just do the same as above, except the offset to punch in is D542 and you replace 9280 with 4E71.


Pablo in the first mine