C64 POKEs for Mission Elevator


Added C64 POKEs for Mission Elevator, I’ll put them here for your convenience.

I tested these with the original tape and disk.

Infinite Lives


Freeze Time


Disable Enemy Bullet Collision








Amiga Action Replay codes for Toki

Added some Amiga Action Replay codes for Toki, the standard one for lives but also another to keep the protective football helmet for as long as you can stay afloat. It is quite a good conversion of the arcade game, so why not give it whirl!

Apart from that, added a few more Amiga Action Replay codes for the neat home-brew puzzle platform game Mister And Missis.

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Fist Fighter C64 & Amiga cheats up

Okay, added some Action Replay codes for Fist Fighter on both released formats. This was a very late budget one on one beat ’em up for the C64 that arrived in ’93 evidently riding the coat tails of the Street Fighter 2 craze of the early nineties.

Fist Fighter is a pretty basic versus brawler with no outstanding features. Each fighter can only perform one special move by means of holding down the fire button obviously similar to Team 17’s Body Blows, however I still think it is worth a look just to have a few laffs.

The C64 version is more playable than the Amiga incarnation, I think mostly due to better collision detection, also the C64 sports after match taunts that I found pretty darn amusing, so I would recommend trying the C64 version.

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