AWESOME (Amiga) Action Replay cheats

Just as the title says, added some AR cheats for AWESOME… just use the menu button above to navigate to the Amiga page


Boss before entering complex



Beast Busters (Amiga) Action Replay cheat

note – doesn’t play nice with older Action Replay models mk 1.0 or 1.5

Infinite Credits

Action Replay II & III

TFD 19150

or on AR II it might be faster just to…

m 18a88 4A


Yvonne-pic FYI or whatevs

If you use WinUAE then you could alternatively use the integrated debugger. Start the game then use the key combo (SHIFT+F12), to enter the cheat here notice the prompt at the bottom of the debugger window, the form looks like this

W 18a88 4A

type that in exactly as you see it (note the capital W), press enter then type ‘g’ (no quotes) and press enter again, then close off the debugger and play. Simple, eh?

Act of Fighter (DOS) Hex Cheat

Open OUT.COP with your hex editor and make the following change to begin with nine lives

C7 06 20 03 03

Replace with

C7 06 20 03 09


sob Comment: Simple but pleasant Final Fight clone from Taiwan…the limited frames of animation bring to mind Double Dragon 3 arcade ( darn Archers!), and the art style in a way reminded of that Snes game ‘Power Moves’. As I said earlier, it is quite basic – no grapple moves or weapons, but the gfx are really not bad and some of the character designs are quite amusing – worth tracking down!