Rygar (ZX Spectrum) new POKE

Important note – for Probe\US Gold version of game

Multiface poke

Inf. shield time\Only lose shield if you fall into pit (need to collect shield once)


If you prefer to just use an emulator memory editor

@C7FD replace 3A with C9



Act of Fighter (DOS) Hex Cheat

Open OUT.COP with your hex editor and make the following change to begin with nine lives

C7 06 20 03 03

Replace with

C7 06 20 03 09


sob┬áComment: Simple but pleasant Final Fight clone from Taiwan…the limited frames of animation bring to mind Double Dragon 3 arcade ( darn Archers!), and the art style in a way reminded of that Snes game ‘Power Moves’. As I said earlier, it is quite basic – no grapple moves or weapons, but the gfx are really not bad and some of the character designs are quite amusing – worth tracking down!