Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive\GGenie) Sub-Zero’s hidden death moves!

Remember to enter the cheat code and enable blood in the cheat menu to get the full effect for the last code.

lichun note – these codes do not work with version 1.1

Use one of the following codes, choose Sub-Zero and when the time comes execute the fatality in the usual way.. I’m sure you remember

Floaty slide-attack roast


Ice breath burn


Head buster



The Death And Return Of Superman (Genesis) new Codes

Hi all,

This is an okay side scrolling beat ’em up that oddly enough was produced by the makers of Warcraft and Blackthorne…for a change there is not an Orc in sight!

I think TDAROS comic-book style artwork is well drawn and overall the sprites are bold and colourful but with the animations only being adequate. The collision detection is a little ropey at times e.g. grappling is not exact science but essentially the game is playable.

There is no two player mode which is always a bummer but what can you do. There are not too many unique aspects to the game other than that you can fly when you want – at the start of the game there are some electric barriers to fly over but the designers quickly give up on these types of obstacles.


Chainsaw refuses to plummet to the earth

Interestingly enemies can be thrown into the background destroying parts of the scenery much like Jaleco’s arcade 64th Street. Another fun touch was throwing baddies off the top of buildings in this manner and seeing them grab the ledge to climb back up again! At the end of the day, you would expect to feel uber powerful playing as Superman but the designers just made it a conventional brawler with a theme.

I still think it is worth a once over though and with these codes I think the game is less grindy and more fun

*Most* enemies need one hit to kill

*Some enemies (Tick\Razorback) use vehicles at times and when I changed the value this enemy would become impossible to hit when in the vehicle, he -could- be knocked out of the vehicle by using the special power but I removed this code all the same. All instances of Doomsday he needs only one hit but the later bosses remain unchanged so stay on your toes.


Twin Cobra (Mega Drive) Game Genie codes

I was playing this the other day on my tablet and thought it would be good if you could keep the  weapon power-ups you had accumulated after dying.

Achieving this was actually quite simple since Galoob had already done a bunch of Genie codes to always begin with a specific power-up, so I just dissected one of those codes as a base and then tailored it to what I wanted. So anyway, the following codes will let you keep the exact shot-power you last had before biting the dust









Streets of Rage new PAR Codes

I am a huge fan of side scrolling beat ’em ups, I maintain that the original arcade Double Dragon is the single greatest ever, with DD2 falling in at close second of course.

I think running along side with Konami’s awesome entry to the fray – Vendetta (Crime Fighters 2) and Technos own Combatribes, Sega’s classic brawler Streets of Rage comes closest to staying true to the classic DD feel, combine that with some definite Final Fight flavour stirred into Sega’s primordial concoction, it certainly proved to be a recipe for success given the huge popularity of the game.

Great as the game is, one thing I personally didn’t like with Streets of Rage was how the weapons fatigue rather quickly and disappear. So, what I wanted to achieve was to let the player(s) carry weapons throughout a level and on ALL levels…this did take some doing (those knives REALLY kept me busy), but I think I managed it  🙂

recommend emulator Kega Fusion 3.64. Enjoy!

FFC9D0:0001 Weapons don’t break and disappear (Code 1)
FFCA50:0001 Weapons don’t break and disappear (Code 2)
FFCAD0:0001 Weapons don’t break and disappear (Code 3)
FFCB50:0001 Weapons don’t break and disappear (Code 4)
FFCBD0:0001 Weapons don’t break and disappear (Code 5)
FFCC50:0001 Weapons don’t break and disappear (Code 6)
FFCD50:0001 Weapons don’t break and disappear (Code 7)
FFCDD0:0001 Weapons don’t break and disappear (Code 8)


Toxic Crusaders Sega Genesis PAR Codes

Howdy all,

Well, I said in my first post I would add other platforms in the future,  so here are my first set of Pro Action Replay codes for the Sega Mega Drive\Genesis game Toxic Crusaders.

Firstly, it must be said this isn’t a much beloved game from what I’ve read around the net, but I am a bit of long time Toxie fan, I think the game is quite a fun novelty, I particularly like the art direction, some of those bosses definitely look pretty funky.  The video game is a side-scrolling beat ’em up slash platform romp in the vein of games like Double Dragon, TMNT, Battle Toads…to me those seem like the major influences anyway.

If you want to look at a retro review of the game from British mag Mean Machines Sega, click here

The game is of course based on the cartoon show from the early 90s from Fred Wolf productions (Murakami Wolf Swenson), the same guys who brought you the original TMNT cartoon that spanned the late 80s & early 90s. I took a trip down memory lane and checked out an episode of TC today on Tube and I think the pervading tongue in cheek  vibe is quite in sync with the tone of the later season TMNT episodes which constantly break the fourth wall, there are a smattering of off-kilter jokes for ‘older kids’ and most of the human characters look disturbingly like Llyod Kaufman….it’s fun, I really enjoyed revisiting it!



Toxic Crusaders PAR Codes

Yvonne-picnote: I found these codes while using the character Junkyard, and since this can be a two player game Toxie has different addresses for Lives, health etc. The code for the Skates will only work with Junkyard, but the lives, nrg and invincibility will work with both Junkyard and No-Zone. I quickly did the lives for Toxie, I might do the others later. I tested these extensively on the emulator so there should be no problems, just remember in order to choose the other characters go into the options menu first.

I recommend using the Kega Fusion 3.64 emulator 


Infinite Lives (Toxie ONLY!)


Infinite Lives (Junkyard & No-Zone ONLY!)


Infinite NRG (Junkyard & No-Zone ONLY!)


Invincible (Junkyard & No-Zone ONLY!)


note: This code affects collision, so DON’T use it on the first level
because you need to use the skateboard to progress. Also, you cannot collect toxic bubbles or the power-up, however with Junkyard you could use this code in conjunction with the Skate code below.

Inf. Chopper fuel (You can crash it when you need to get out)


Always have Skates on (Junkyard ONLY!)


Emulator Only Codes

note: enable only the corresponding code when the Boss actually
appears, then turn it off again when it dies\retreats. I did track
down the fourth Boss nrg address but placing any value into it (even
if not frozen) would crash the game. These codes do NOT work with the
Boss Rush at the end.

Kill first Boss now!


Kill Second Boss now!


Kill Third Boss now!


Kill Fifth Boss now!