Stella Cheats Update (Atari VCS\2600)

Added Stella emulator Cheats for the following games –


Q*Bert, Dumbo’s Flying Circus, Crystal Castles

HIGGY pic 29\04\2019

Alfred Challenge, Crossbow


piggy-new 05\11

Masters of the Universe, Mr. Postman, Moonpatrol, River Raid II

piggy-new 03\10

Skate Boardin’, Super Breakout


Roc ‘n Rope, Towering Inferno, Crazy Climber, Thunderground, Surfer’s Paradise

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Atari VCS Page Up

Hi all,

I added an Atari VCS (2600) page for Stella Emulator cheat codes I had done, there are not many there at the moment but I hope to fill it out a bit in the future.

Stella Cheats added for the follwing games: Bermuda Triangle, Double Dragon, Ghost Manor, Gozilla, Halloween, Ikari Warriors, Krull, Master Builder, Popeye, Spider-Man, Teddy Apple (aka I Want My Mommy), Thwocker and Tomarc the Barbarian.

To view the page click HERE or use the menu button above to browse platforms