Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive\GGenie) Sub-Zero’s hidden death moves!

Remember to enter the cheat code and enable blood in the cheat menu to get the full effect for the last code.

lichun note – these codes do not work with version 1.1

Use one of the following codes, choose Sub-Zero and when the time comes execute the fatality in the usual way.. I’m sure you remember

Floaty slide-attack roast


Ice breath burn


Head buster



The Terminator (NES) Game Genie Codes

Hi all,

I decided to do some codes for this game..I played through it twice to test everything was okay and make sure you can play to the end. As you can see, there are quite a few codes to be immune to damage but this was just how the game was coded. I couldn’t be bothered doing the driving levels since the lives codes are all you really need there. Unless I have made a typo somewhere everything should be okay. Have fun, enjoy etc.


Infinite Lives



Start with fifty grenades



Hearts fully restore health



Mega Jump

NOTE – It is possible to kill yourself by jumping through the top of the screen. However, this does not happen if you combine this code with the ‘fall through pits’ codes below.



Low gravity fall

NOTE – affects most things, including grenades.



Safely fall through pits



– Some damage modifier codes –

Acid droplets do much less damage



Projectiles do much less damage



Endoskeleton punches do half damage



– Alternative –

Take no damage from attacks\hazards (except overhead driving levels)

NOTE – falling into pits still means instant death unless you also use the above ‘fall through pits’ codes. Also, the following codes are not dependent on one another, so you can use any three on real hardware.








Final Fight 2 (SNES) new Game Genie codes

Howdy folks,

Here are some codes I came up with for this pretty decent brawler. If you find the game a bit of a slog try the first code or if you just want maybe a better chance of survival on the harder modes try the other that make the fairly sparse energy pickups like soda, chicken etc fully replenish your health bar. See-ya until next time, enjoy!

Game Genie

ALL enemies one-hit kill or low hp 


ALL energy pickups fully restore health (Japan version only)



Trinket pickups (ghetto blaster,piggy bank etc) increase health instead of score. Can be used in conjunction with above codes – Japan version ONLY.


Retroid – new free homebrew Arkanoid style game for Game Boy my views + Game Genie code

I am a huge fan of Arkanoid and while it stills remains the best of breed even now I love checking out the myriad of different takes on the general theme that are still popping up frequently to this day on both modern and retro platforms alike. I think Retroid is a great entry to breath some life into the genre for Nintendo’s aging, but still perfectly capable stalwart  hand-held machine.

I think because of the similarity in hardware, Game Boy breakout\Arkanoid games tend to feel like those that appeared on the ZX Spectrum micro computer, with things like the limiting digital controls and functional graphics and that remains true with Retroid – though don’t get me wrong, I was surprised by the level of detail packed into the bricks and backgrounds that isn’t necessarily immediately evident on the first level.


Level 2 – note the bas relief shading on the surrounding pipes.

Similar to Arkanoid and its contemporaries, Retroid has power-up pills that drop occasionally from destroyed bricks that grant things like extended bat, extra ball , gun etc anyone who is familiar with the game style knows that keeping the ball in play is paramount even if the temptation to slide off course for that pill is ever present. Interestingly the game gives you an option to play without those perks for those that want to stay closer to original breakout feel.

Retroid seems pretty easy going in the beginning, but later levels that include things like solid walls that surround the bricks means getting that perfect angle progressively more difficult to achieve and you might see your precious reserve lives go dwindling away.

If you want infinite lives to practice the game, try this Genie code: