The Terminator (NES) Game Genie Codes

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I decided to do some codes for this game..I played through it twice to test everything was okay and make sure you can play to the end. As you can see, there are quite a few codes to be immune to damage but this was just how the game was coded. I couldn’t be bothered doing the driving levels since the lives codes are all you really need there. Unless I have made a typo somewhere everything should be okay. Have fun, enjoy etc.


Infinite Lives



Start with fifty grenades



Hearts fully restore health



Mega Jump

NOTE – It is possible to kill yourself by jumping through the top of the screen. However, this does not happen if you combine this code with the ‘fall through pits’ codes below.



Low gravity fall

NOTE – affects most things, including grenades.



Safely fall through pits



– Some damage modifier codes –

Acid droplets do much less damage



Projectiles do much less damage



Endoskeleton punches do half damage



– Alternative –

Take no damage from attacks\hazards (except overhead driving levels)

NOTE – falling into pits still means instant death unless you also use the above ‘fall through pits’ codes. Also, the following codes are not dependent on one another, so you can use any three on real hardware.









Atari VCS Page Up

Hi all,

I added an Atari VCS (2600) page for Stella Emulator cheat codes I had done, there are not many there at the moment but I hope to fill it out a bit in the future.

Stella Cheats added for the follwing games: Bermuda Triangle, Double Dragon, Ghost Manor, Gozilla, Halloween, Ikari Warriors, Krull, Master Builder, Popeye, Spider-Man, Teddy Apple (aka I Want My Mommy), Thwocker and Tomarc the Barbarian.

To view the page click HERE or use the menu button above to browse platforms



Total Recall for NES new Game Genie codes!

Once again I have another much unloved game for you, this time Total Recall for NES – US mag Electronic Gaming Monthly rated it worst film to game tie-in in 1990…ouch!

Total Recall (Europe)-17

Dead-beats get perpetually thrown out of the Last Resort

Now I know licensed games have a stigma for being of poor or inferior quality, usually a quick cash-in rush job and more often than not it is true. Is Total Recall for NES any different? It all depends on your point of view, there are always many factors to account for…in any case I found the game to be nothing short of fascinating and quite absorbing in its approach to tie together a basic platform game with the film it is based upon.

Total Recall (Europe)-6

Fun at the Terminal security check-point

Something neat about film tie-ins is that often the game developers are given the movie script perhaps several months or even a year before the film comes out. Obviously some time is needed to develop the game so when it is completed it can coincide with the release of the movie. Of course, script changes are an ongoing process during the gestation of a films’ development, so often the video game will contain remnants of this old script ergo what you get in the game won’t be totally in sync with the movie and this is most definitely the case with Total Recall.

Total Recall (Europe)-3

in-game cut scene

The standout difference is the trip to the cement factory after the talk on the phone with the mysterious stranger (pic above), this plays out totally different in the film where upon a briefcase is left by the pay phone by the stranger, and Quaid wrestles it from the grasp of an obnoxious woman.

Total Recall (Europe)-4

Wino boss with lethal boomerang hat

In the game, Quaid travels to the aforesaid cement factory where he battles with winos and there is a ‘boss’ wino you must fight for the briefcase –  the winos are briefly described in the fifth revision of the script that can be viewed at, however the script Interplay were working from was evidently quite a bit further along and closer to the final script. Also, the way in which Benny is killed in the game differs from the movie, and may have been described as such in the script.

Total Recall (Europe)-19

Nothing to lose your head over

If you have watched the movie and decide to check out the script at you will notice many differences from the final, it precedes the rewrite to be tailored to Arnold so the tone of the movie was completely different with pervading dark humour, it makes for a great read!

Total Recall (Europe)-11

Touching down on Mars



Super Mars Jump tm



stoneheadnote: both codes are necessary. The affect of these codes extends to the enemies, this is because the game economises\recycles code quite extensively. One time during the first boss fight Lori became stuck in the ceiling, but I was not able to reproduce this again.

Canisters grant twice normal health boost



Canisters additionally grant Machine Gun (press pause & then resume to fix gfx)





note: obviously can’t use these ones on real hardware, sorry about that.

All Bosses start with much less energy



final note: if you want to have these codes on your own site, that’s okay, but please drop me the credit as I did spend some time developing them.

Total Recall (Europe)-8

What the?!?

Fist Fighter C64 & Amiga cheats up

Okay, added some Action Replay codes for Fist Fighter on both released formats. This was a very late budget one on one beat ’em up for the C64 that arrived in ’93 evidently riding the coat tails of the Street Fighter 2 craze of the early nineties.

Fist Fighter is a pretty basic versus brawler with no outstanding features. Each fighter can only perform one special move by means of holding down the fire button obviously similar to Team 17’s Body Blows, however I still think it is worth a look just to have a few laffs.

The C64 version is more playable than the Amiga incarnation, I think mostly due to better collision detection, also the C64 sports after match taunts that I found pretty darn amusing, so I would recommend trying the C64 version.

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Added Amiga section

Made a start on the Amiga page, if you are interested use the menu above or click here

Action Replay Codes for the following games added:

Apprentice, Barbarian, Beyond The Ice Palace, Bouncer, Brian The Lion CD32, Darkman, Demolition, Donk The Samurai Duck Demo, Double Dragon, Dr Fruit, Elf, Emerald Mine, Fallen Angel, Frankenstein, Future Miner, Garrison, Garrison 2, Gold Hunter, Hideous, Jurajski Sen, Knight Force, Lost In Mine, Miami Mice, Mouse Trap, Mr and Mrs, Navy Moves, Obliterator, Paramax, Pinball Magic, Prison, Revenge of Doom, Rogue Trooper, Seven gates of jambala CD32, Shooting Machine, Sixiang, The Wall, Thunder Birds, Universal Monsters Demo and X-It.