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Amiga Action Replay cheats – Golden Axe, Jungle Jim, Quest Of Agravain, Super Gem’Z, Zoom!, Crack Out v2.0, Impact!, Evasive Aksion demo, JUMPING JIM, Bunny Bricks, Thundercats, Jonas Fulstrand, Plebs, Splat, Amazing Adventures Of Harry Haddock, Klawz the Kat, Rushhour, Paws N Claws \ New York Warriors, Gridrunner (Mental Image), Puffy’s Saga, Sardonic, Dogs of War, Deathbots, Blockhead, Jumpy, Operation Firestorm 98 Edition, Hybris, Renaissance 1, Locomotion (Byte Back), Deliverance, Cobra, Ultimate Body Blows, Tube Warriors, Ball Raider, SAS Combat Simulator, Kamikaze, Seymour Goes To Hollywood, Strange New World, Cogan’s Run, Technocop \  Larrie And The Robbery Of The Ardies, Atax, Menace, Lunar-C, Speedrunner, Overlander \ Quackers, Quasar, Qix, Circus, Maniac ball, Arcadia, Wizzy’s Quest, Willy In The Castle Of Dreams, Ziriax, Amiganitzu, Firefly, Soko Ban, Rattlesnake \ Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons, Cybersphere, Henry & 5 Towers, Permonie, Tiny Bobble

Steem Debug (Atari ST) Cheats – Bubble Bobble, Ascot, Painter, Bert the Squirt, Robbo, Douglas Rockmoor, Renegade, Super Break-Out 1.1a, Bubble v1.1, Artura, Bootiful Babe, Skyrider, Bug, Skrull, Alien Blockade 1.1, Knicker-Bockers, Liberator

Atari 8-bit cheats – Henry’s House, Mr. Cool, Preppie!, Preppie! 2, Monkey Magic, Balloon Pop, Gun Law (new cheat), The Citadel, Burger Chef, Burger Boy!, Arkanoid II, Dracula Lives, Kid Grid, Fire Chief, Zone X, 3d24, Pharaoh’s Pyramid, Beef Drop, Yogi’s Great Escape, Space Rider, Ruff and Reddy, Darg,Hunchback, Dinky-Do, Desmond’s Dungeon, Into the Eagles Nest, Commando, Mr. Bear, Boulder Dash III, Ghastly Night, Last guardian, Manic Miner, 5200 games, X*bert, MazezaM, Moon Patrol Redux, Castle Quest, Monster Hunt, Da’ Fuzz, Espial, Speedway Blast\Dan strikes back, Abracadabra!, Captain Sticky’s Gold, Electrician, Alien Asylum, Eggnapper, Breakthru

Stella Cheats (2600) – Demolition Herby, Donkey Kong, Gas Hog, Springer, Smurf – Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle, Hunchy II, Dark Cavern, Astroblast, Spider Fighter, Centipede, Berzerk, Encounter at L-5, Bugs, Bumper Bash, No Escape!, Mr. Do!, Ms. Pacman, Time Pilot, Super Cobra, Blueprint, Cosmic Commuter, Crash Dive, Marauder, River Patrol, Room of Doom, Miner 2049er Volume 2, Lock ‘n’ Chase, Krull (fixed), Donkey Kong Junior, Frostbite, Pleiades

Mega Drive Codes – Arrow Flash (USA, Europe)

cheat type – Game Genie

Don’t lose weapon\weapon-power on death


Recommended youtube channel – Theshadowsnose

VICE C64 cheats – Krazy Kar


xx = number of lives

f 2af 2af xx

VICE C64 cheats – Joust (Atari,2020)


xx = number of lives. e.g. 63 for 99

start a new game

activate the Monitor

f a8 a8 xx

C64 AR POKEs – Lancer-Lord

Inf. Lives


SNES codes – Total Carnage Prototype

note – this is the revision that crashes when you press the triggers (for Mines)

Cheat type – RAW

Inf. Lives


VICE PLUS4 cheats – Guzzler

Activate the Monitor

Protection from monsters & bombs

f 1799 1799 0

f 1ae3 1ae3 0

f 1f05 1f05 0

Inf. Lives

f 2341 2343 ea

g <enter>

C64 AR POKEs – Trolls and Tribulations

note – tested with original Disk.

Inf. Lives


C64 AR POKEs – Gladiators (Alternative Software)

note – tested with original Tape.

Inf. Lives


C64 AR POKEs – Arkanoid III, IV, V (Arkanoid Hacks)

Inf. Lives


C64 AR POKEs – Outlaw (Players)

note – tested with original Tape.

Inf. Lives


C64 AR POKEs – Burger Chase

note – tested with original Tape.

Bonus items are worth nineteen peppers


Sega Mega Drive Codes: Sunset Riders (Europe)

Game Genie

Master Code

note – the screen will turn red for a second before the game starts.


Begin game with 82 lives (both players)


C64 AR POKEs – Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin’s Underworld

note – tested with original Tape.

Inf. Energy


ZX Spectrum multiface poke – The Hair-Raising Adventures of Mr Hair

Inf. Lives


hallow - Copy October

Amiga Action Replay cheats – Henry’s House, Baldy (updated), Altered Beast (updated), PTC, Superhero, Stryx (added collision cheat), Mission Underground, Sound the Space Cadet (updated), SideWinder, Babylonian Twins, Smash The Beast, Battle Squadron, Crystal Hammer, Pacman 87, Ace The Space-Case, Running Bob, Cedric And The Lost Sceptre, Edd the Duck, Top Secret

Stella Cheats (2600) – James Bond 007, Chuck Norris Superkicks, Montezuma’s Revenge, Pursuit of the Pink Panther, Kick-Man

Atari 8-bit cheats – Convicts (The), Nasen Jack, Screwball

Individual entries will appear just below

VICE PLUS4 – Majesty Of Sprites (2015)

note – these have to be re-entered for each World.

Inf. Lives

a cf2f

lda $80

Inf. Bombs

a cff0

lda $81

MEGA DRIVE CODES: Bare Knuckle – Ikari no Tetsuken ~ Streets of Rage (World)

Note – only tested with Fusion 3.64

FFC9D0:0001 Weapons don’t disappear (Code 1)
FFCA50:0001 Weapons don’t disappear (Code 2)
FFCAD0:0001 Weapons don’t disappear (Code 3)
FFCB50:0001 Weapons don’t disappear (Code 4)
FFCBD0:0001 Weapons don’t disappear (Code 5)
FFCC50:0001 Weapons don’t disappear (Code 6)
FFCD50:0001 Weapons don’t disappear (Code 7)
FFCDD0:0001 Weapons don’t disappear (Code 8)

VICE PLUS4 – Adventures In Time (2010)

Inf. Lives

when the title screen appears..

activate the monitor


a bfa3 <enter>


lda $bf44 <enter> <enter> g <enter>


Amiga Action Replay cheats – Dragon Ninja, Titus The Fox: To Marrakech And Back,
Robouldix, Advanced Lode Runner

Atari 8-bit cheats – Arkon, Daylight Robbery, Fire Man


Stella Cheats (2600) – Quest for Quintana Roo


Amiga Action Replay cheats – Grey Slayer, Bat Dog, Builderland, Ice Runner, Butcher Hill, Bubble Ghost

added some ST stuff, see below


ZX Spectrum Multiface Pokes – Chubby Gristle

Collision Cheat


back to normal


Steem Debug (Atari ST) Cheats – Typhoon, Mad Flunky, Shackled, Crackman v1.56, Castle Frankenstein, Kid GP, Bug Spray, Robotron 2084, Mission Deadzone, Droid

look below for any new atari 8-bit, Amiga or Stella additions.


Atari 8-bit cheats – Jurassic Park II, Crack-Up!, Gun Law, Black Lamp

Danger Mouse (Amiga) – Updated


Amiga Action Replay cheats – Plat-Man, Bubble Bobble, Super Bob Dylan, Deep (The), Blues Brothers, Violator, Paperboy 2, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, SUPER ORANGE Man, Argus


Stella Cheats (2600) – Power Off!, Mouse Trap, Rampage!, Jungle Hunt, Mr. Do!’s Castle


BeeBem cheats (BBC Micro) – Arkanoid

Run the game, when it has finished loading and the game has started proper go ahead and make a save state. By default it goes to Documents\BeebEm\BeebState

Open the save state file with your hex editor

and replace

C6 5A 4C D1



Save the changes, and close off the hex editor.

Go back to the emulator and load your modified save state to play with infinite lives.

Adventure of Norris (Amiga)  – updated


Added Amiga Action Replay cheats for three more games, see below

Added Stella cheats for three more games, see below


Stella Cheats (2600) – Keystone Kapers, Strategy X, Racing Car, Forest, Nightmare, Airlock, Cat Trax


Amiga Action Replay cheats – Raid 1-4, Dragon’s Kingdom, Dithell’s Wonderland, Charlie Chimp, Charlie Chimp And The Treasure Of Tutankhamun, Crack, Classic Arcadia & Baby Arcadia, Chilly Chavez 1998 Edition, Assassin Special Edition, Jurajski Sen


Steem Debug (Atari ST) Cheats – Deluxe Nostram, Tonic Tile, World of Henry (two versions)

ZX Spectrum Multiface Pokes – Master, The (Artic Computing)

Note – original release only (MasterThe.tzx)

Collision Cheat





Inf. time



Stella Cheats (2600) – Robin Hood, Save Our Ship, Threshold, Official Frogger (The), Adventures of TRON, Communist Mutants from Space


Atari 8-bit cheats – Arena 3000, Flintstones, Shark!

SNES CODES – Total Carnage

Game Genie

Keep weapon after losing life


C64 Action Replay Cheats – Smash T.V.

Freeze at the control method select screen, then

Set number of lives to start (x=1-255)

POKE 1317,x

Always have grenade

POKE 5375,160

If you prefer another weapon, combine the above POKE with

POKE 5376,x

where x=6 for triple shot
2 for missile
4 for lob bomb


Stella Cheats (2600) – Skindiver, Lochjaw, Commando


Amiga Action Replay cheats – Mafdet And The Book Of The Dead, Dugger, Dynamite Dux, Rolling Ronny, Dr. Fruit (fixed)


Steem Debug (Atari ST) Cheats – Terramex, Spook, Mr. Dig, Metropolis, Zxym

Amstrad CPC Multiface (H)EX Pokes – Mythos (Opera Soft)

note – disk version (non CPM)

Wait for the title screen to pass and the game starts, then freeze

Inf. Lives


Collision Cheat



Atari 8-bit cheats – Jungle Boy, Technoid, Caveman (Mirage), Caveman II – Caves of Osum, Cosmic Glob


Amiga Action Replay cheats – Phantom Fighter, Act Out, Discer, Bomb Busters, Soccer Pinball, Yogi’s Great Escape

NES CODES – Guardian Legend, The (Europe)

Game Genie

Inf. Energy



Amiga Action Replay cheats – FootMan, Future Classics Collection, Galdregon’s Domain


Mega Man (USA)-0 - Copy NES – Mega Man (Emulator ONLY Code)

This is a crude code I did for the GUTSMAN level because I got pi$$ed off by the lengthy fall-away platform section.


code explanation- Basically, when jumping, Mega Man will float into the air off the screen BUT can still move left and right. So, when you get to the fall-away platform bit near the start of the level enable the code, jump into the air and move right until you reach the platform on the other side and then disable the code to fall to the ground and play on


Stella Cheats (2600) – Q*Bert, Dumbo’s Flying Circus, Crystal Castles, Q-Bert’s Qubes

lichun 28\5

SNES CODES – Last Action Hero

Game Genie

Magic Ticket restores double normal energy


Magic Ticket restores quad normal energy


Action Replay

Take no damage (vehicle levels)


Inf. Lives




A new version of Atari800 Emulator surfaced recently. Now it seems as though it is no longer necessary to have bios roms to run Atari 8-bit software instead the built-in ‘Altirra OS’ can be selected from the System Settings. I quickly tested the Arkanoid cheat using these settings – Machine: Atari 800XL (64 KB) OS version: Altirra OS and everything worked fine.

Official Site

little beau pic 25\5

Amiga Action Replay cheats – Typhoon, Premiere, Sword & The Rose, Chuckie Egg 2, Fantastic Voyage, Erik

Atari 8-bit cheats – Jeepers Creepers, Phantom, Knicker-Bockers

Amiga Action Replay Update

Added Amiga Action Replay cheats for the following games.. Click Here

Raid 1-4, Dragon’s Kingdom, Dithell’s Wonderland, Charlie Chimp, Charlie Chimp And The Treasure Of Tutankhamun, Crack, Classic Arcadia & Baby Arcadia

Typhoon, Premiere, Sword & The Rose, Chuckie Egg 2, Fantastic Voyage, Erik, FootMan, Future Classics Collection, Galdregon’s Domain, Phantom Fighter, Act Out, Discer, Bomb Busters, Soccer Pinball, Yogi’s Great Escape


Arkanoid, Demolition, Nobby the Aardvark, Jet Set Willy II, Adventures Of Quik And Silva, Hard ‘n’ Heavy, Frost Byte, Vixen, Mouse Trap, Legacy, H-Ball, Rebound, Cliffhanger, Cyber Kick, Snoball in Hell, Theme Park Mystery