Amiga Action Replay Update


Added Amiga Action Replay Cheats for the following games – Defenders Of The Earth, Get Out (breakout), Kid Gloves, Kid Gloves 2, Donk! The Samurai Duck! (CD32), Livingstone 2 and Wrath Of Gwendor. Click here

little beau pic  Updated entries for – Universal Monsters Demo, Bouncer

HIGGY pic  Z-Out


Danger Mouse (Amiga) Action Replay Cheats

Hiho folks,

This is a fairly decent PD Hunchback clone coded in AMOS of course with a theme based on the popular British cartoon series from the 80s. There is a good comic book style intro sequence that captures the feel of the cartoon nicely but I think it is worth playing just to hear the  terrific speech samples…Good grief!

If you be wanting infinite lives, clicky

The Unusual Case Of Dr. Strange (Amiga) Action Replay Cheats

Hi all,

I wasn’t familiar with this game and came across it by chance when browsing HOL.

It is a really good Lode Runner variant with a fun 50s horror movie vibe. The game was coded in Blitz Basic for a magazine competition and I think it is really well done – the sound samples are highly entertaining and the gfx are also very accomplished. There are many nice touches like the comical introductory sequence and nicely animated end-of-section intermissions. You can grab the game from AMI Sector One…why not give it a try!

If you are interested in the cheats, click here

The Strangers (CD32 port) HRTMon cheats

I haven’t spent a lot of time on this game as of yet, but it seems like a pretty cool clone of Techno’s  classic brawler Renegade with serious shades of ultra-violence inspired by something like Amiga contemporary Doman.

Much like the aforesaid Techno’s game over-the-top brutality such as whaling on downed opponents to finish them off is similarly possible in this game and there are also ‘finishing moves’ of which I have only seen the cpu perform on me – see the image above. The game contains some interesting touches like the player(s) stamina bar, for instance carrying a barrel about can cause fatigue and start decreasing your energy bar.

There are other neat touches besides like  enemy taunts courtesy of speech samples that remind me very much of Konami games like The Adventures of Bayou Billy or Vendetta. The Strangers seems like a fun game that would shine best with two players but interestingly also there is three & four player competitive modes as well if that is your bag.

Just to be clear, even though the game is originally for AmigaCD my cheats will only work with the 2015 AmigaCD32 port by Cobe. If you want to view the cheats, click here


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