Double Dragon 2600, TMNT Arcade & Altered Beast for Amiga mini reviews, cheats and more!

Continuing on the beat ’em up theme from last time, I have some cheats companied with my waxing lyrical opines of these arcade game conversions for the home.

Double Dragon (1989) VCS Abobo drop kick

Abobo drop-kicks Billy !

Firstly, I have some Stella emulator cheats for the Atari VCS (2600) version of Double Dragon – I don’t think any of the home versions of this game quite did the original justice, but it must be said this incarnation is a valiant effort given the extremely limited hardware.

When you load the game you get a rendition of the iconic arcade title music, you certainly won’t mistake it for any other game. The two player mode has been retained with a restriction being each player is granted roughly half of the play area each, player one on the top and two on the bottom.

Something interesting you notice is the Lee brothers seem to be wearing beanies or perhaps balaclavas, it looks odd however it does give this version a certain distinctiveness. Most of the fighting moves have been kept in, you can punch, kick, jump kick, head-butt and elbow-butt…even some weapons appear like the bat and the boxes can be thrown which is pretty darn cool.

Something I forgot about this version was the one on one versus mode similar to the NES game which is an interesting inclusion. Be forewarned this game is quite difficult, especially at first – you can learn the patterns & tricks with practice and hopefully in the mean time these cheats will help out a bit 🙂

Infinite Lives (Both Players)


Freeze Time


To enter these cheats, run the game then press TAB, click the ‘Cheat Code’ button, then click the ‘Add’ button, it is fairly straightforward from there, see the pic below

stella cheat entry

Entering lives cheat for Double Dragon

The lives cheat took me some time to figure out, the method of decreasing the lives\nrg was somewhat unorthodox, both players health and the two opponents on screen were kind of all tied together in symbioses and manipulated by logic operations. After tracing the program I eventually found the offending culprit.

Oh, the photo of the cartridge above is from my own collection, I got it from a pawn shop many moons ago so it isn’t pristine condition. I think the artwork is pretty neat mind 🙂


Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op! (1991)

The old sign ambush

Next up I have some Action Replay cheats for Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles The Coin OP! for the Amiga. If by chance you have never encountered the “Hero” title variation, this was a result of the UK government having an odd problem with the word “Ninja” also things like Michelangelo’s Nunchacku were seen as so offensive scenes involving them were edited out of TMNT cartoons and movies at that time – strange but true.

So, what about this conversion of the game? To be honest I think it could have turned out better, the speedy play of the arcade is lost but it is a lazy ST port so the most isn’t made of the superior Amiga hardware. With that said, the art is fairly well done – you do get a good feel for the arcade graphics, it is mostly all there however the screen is compacted somewhat into a smaller television screen shaped display in the center of the screen (see above).

The intro music doesn’t include the cartoon theme music like the arcade, but it does feature the other tune that you here at the start and what you get is pretty faithful to the coin-op, but sadly there is no in-game tunes so you have to provide your own. Back in the day I liked playing the arcade game with some friends on the weekend when the machine was in town, the experience is not the same playing it on the emulator but the memories still come flooding back!

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Iconic Beast Eye

Lastly, I have a neat infinite lives Action Replay cheat for Amiga Altered Beast. Yes it is another Atari ST port (sighs) but I like the game, so again the conversion is competent but leaves something to be desired but nevertheless it is still fun to play especially with a second player. I never quite gauged why not so many people were keen on this game, sure the play is quite simplistic but those guys at Sega had great artists and I think there are so many weird and wonderful creatures to bash up you never get bored, anyway I think it is a really cool game!

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