ShadowHawk (SNES) PAR Codes

Not much really to say about this one, something interesting is you probably never heard of it. And I assure you there is a good reason for that…I will let you employ your superior Batman-esque detective skills to figure out why.

On playing this game I was reminded strangely of Maximum Carnage, I suppose the obligatory comic book cut scenes and how building architecture looks eerily similar in both games. Aside from that, the basic game design made me think more of the home computer game of Suburban Commando, which also emphasized perpetually fighting street thugs, walking through hidden walls to find secret areas and having one on one fighting sequences for boss encounters.

ShadowHawk PAR Codes

Lives – 7E00CC:02

Energy – 7E00CD:7F


Suburban Commando – Ooh, the secrets!


ShadowHawk – Ooh, the secrets!


Toxic Crusaders Sega Genesis PAR Codes


Toxic Crusaders PAR Codes

Yvonne-picnote: I found these codes while using the character Junkyard, and since this can be a two player game Toxie has different addresses for Lives, health etc. The code for the Skates will only work with Junkyard, but the lives, nrg and invincibility will work with both Junkyard and No-Zone. I tested these extensively on the emulator so there should be no problems, just remember in order to choose the other characters go into the options menu first.


Infinite Lives (Toxie ONLY!)


Infinite Lives (Junkyard & No-Zone ONLY!)


Infinite NRG (Junkyard & No-Zone ONLY!)


Invincible (Junkyard & No-Zone ONLY!)


note: This code affects collision, so DON’T use it on the first level
because you need to use the skateboard to progress. Also, you cannot collect toxic bubbles or the power-up, however with Junkyard you could use this code in conjunction with the Skate code below.

Inf. Chopper fuel (You can crash it when you need to get out)


Always have Skates on (Junkyard ONLY!)


Emulator Only Codes

note: enable only the corresponding code when the Boss actually
appears, then turn it off again when it dies\retreats. I did track
down the fourth Boss nrg address but placing any value into it (even
if not frozen) would crash the game. These codes do NOT work with the
Boss Rush at the end.

Kill first Boss now!


Kill Second Boss now!


Kill Third Boss now!


Kill Fifth Boss now!