More games added

Hiho all,

A fairly sizable update this time, firstly some neat POKEs for Street Gang and Menace, all of those can be found in the Commodore 64 page.

On the Amiga front, updated Amegas – hopefully all major versions covered,  I also revised the Brian the Lion CD32 entry, there is no official Action Replay for that system however the machine is fundamentally a CD-ROM based Amiga 1200 – it is compatible with HRTMon, so I put in a simple emulator tutorial for those not affluent with those slightly more advanced cheating techniques.

Amiga Action Replay codes added for the following games: Aquanaut (All Levels), Belial, Black Magic, Giganoid, Go Kävin Go, Hammerfist, Karate Kid Part 2, Prehistorik, Vac-Suit Jack and Wacko jr. in WonderLand.

Feel free to have a look through, for anything new just keep an eye out for ol’ Bones





Added Amiga section

Made a start on the Amiga page, if you are interested use the menu above or click here

Action Replay Codes for the following games added:

Apprentice, Barbarian, Beyond The Ice Palace, Bouncer, Brian The Lion CD32, Darkman, Demolition, Donk The Samurai Duck Demo, Double Dragon, Dr Fruit, Elf, Emerald Mine, Fallen Angel, Frankenstein, Future Miner, Garrison, Garrison 2, Gold Hunter, Hideous, Jurajski Sen, Knight Force, Lost In Mine, Miami Mice, Mouse Trap, Mr and Mrs, Navy Moves, Obliterator, Paramax, Pinball Magic, Prison, Revenge of Doom, Rogue Trooper, Seven gates of jambala CD32, Shooting Machine, Sixiang, The Wall, Thunder Birds, Universal Monsters Demo and X-It.