Double Dragon (Atari ST) cheating with Steem SSE Debug


What you need

Steem SSE Debug

TOS v1.00 image file

The game

Getting started

Setup the emulator from the Options menu (spanner icon) with the TOS mentioned above, set the model to STF, set Monitor (Low\Medium res) and set memory to 512 kb. Your config should look something like the pics below



Now, click the Perform cold reset now button and then go to the Disk Manager (it is on the far top-right of main window) , and navigate to where your disk image is and double click it.

Once the game has completely finished loading and you are at the title screen (press 1 or 2 to start) – mash the F12 key. Now, bring The Boiler Room window into focus – click the ‘Browsers‘ drop-down menu, and click on ‘New Instruction Browser’ menu item. You will see a window appear like the pic below

dd lives sub

Type in the address shown (102B8) in the upper left corner and press enter. Now click in the Hex area, the top line where it says 5300, and type over this with 4e71, so it looks the same as the highlighted area in the pic below

dd lives nop

That’s it! now, bring the main window back into focus then press the pausebreak key or F12  to resume and If everything went smoothly, you will now have infinite lives. If you also wanted to get rid of the timer, just do the same as above, except the address to punch in is 11AF6 and you replace 8300 with 4E71.

Sonic Blastman (J) (SNES) Game Genie codes

sbj2 note – Japan version only!


Apple grants extra-life instead of health


Burger grants extra-life instead of health


Roast Chicken grants extra-life instead of health


Money bag grants extra D-Punch


Enemies begin with less health

note – the end-level Boss health bar may not be visible but you can still defeat him.


Dazzle effect (see stars, can’t move) after using whirlwind attack can be broken by any input – e.g. walk any direction or punch etc.