Stella Cheats Update (Atari VCS\2600)

Added Stella emulator Cheats for the following games   Click here to view!

Demolition Herby, Donkey Kong, Gas Hog, Springer, Smurf – Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle, Hunchy II, Dark Cavern, Astroblast, Spider Fighter

James Bond 007, Chuck Norris Superkicks, Montezuma’s Revenge, Pursuit of the Pink Panther, Kick-Man

Power Off!, Mouse Trap, Rampage!, Jungle Hunt, Mr. Do!’s Castle

Keystone Kapers, Strategy X, Racing Car, Forest, Nightmare, Airlock, Cat Trax


Robin Hood, Save Our Ship, Threshold, Official Frogger (The), Adventures of TRON, Communist Mutants from Space


Skindiver, Lochjaw, Commando


Q*Bert, Dumbo’s Flying Circus, Crystal Castles

HIGGY pic 29\04\2019

Alfred Challenge, Crossbow

piggy-new 05\11

Masters of the Universe, Mr. Postman, Moonpatrol, River Raid II

piggy-new 03\10

Skate Boardin’, Super Breakout


Roc ‘n Rope, Towering Inferno, Crazy Climber, Thunderground, Surfer’s Paradise