A Journey to the Centre of the Earth (C64) POKEs

This is a nice exploration platform adventure\treasure hunt type game I like that might remind one somewhat of popular Activision games from the 8-bit era like H.E.R.O or Pitfall 2.

Something a little unusual about the game is that it employs an inventory system so there is some very mild micro management – while admittedly a little fiddly in its implementation it is an interesting idea that your characters hands must be free (empty) to climb up and down the cavern walls. The icon on the lower left part of the screen that represents this free movement looks like a funny stick man sort of like the absurd silhouette that represent the human species in the Starflight games. What more is there to say? er, on the musical front there is a rather good SiD rendition of Madness “House of Fun” though perhaps it feels a bit inappropriate, I think it is a nice personal touch.

If you are in the mood for some spelunking and want infinite lives or infinite ammo for the guns (yeah baby!), follow this link

Please note this game is not to be confused with Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Chip Software.