Double Dragon V for Atari Jaguar Artmoney table


This is an Artmoney table I did for the Atari Jaguar version of Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls for the Windows version of the emulator MAME\MESS – I used a 64-bit version of MAME when I created the table but it doesn’t matter which version you use, the Table can be converted to 32-bit in a snap.

The cheats you get are for credits (continues) and energy for Player 1. All the instructions below are just to adjust the memory offsets – all you need to know is the following IS necessary for the Table to work – it sucks I know, but I tried my best to make it as simple as possible.

It will probably look complicated to some, but it isn’t really especially if you have had experience with either of the programs. I am not giving a complete tutorial on how to use MAME, there are plenty of other places for that.

What you’ll need:

MAME\MESS , my recommendation for ease of use is MESSUI v0.176 (32-bit) or MESSUI v0.176 (64-bit)

Bios file – (put in roms folder)

Game Rom – Double Dragon V (1995) (Williams).jag (put where you want, e.g. <MAME folder>\software\jaguar)

Artmoney (it’s free!)

The Table (click link below to download)

Artmoney Table for Double Dragon V (Jaguar)

Disclaimer: Use all these things at your own risk. I use them all the time without problems but nevertheless if your computer blows up or something similar when using them don’t blame me.


Okay, here we go:

1) start MAMEUI or MESSUI, search for Jaguar (in the top right for MESSUI), right click on Jaguar from the list and click properties, click the display tab and check on Windowed mode. Load the game. From the in-game menu select Options, set continues to 5 and pause emulation <press P>.

DD V Options

Setting the continues

2) switch to Artmoney, select the process ‘MAME: jaguar [jaguar]’ of course. Load the table you downloaded in Artmoney. If you are using MAME\MESS 32-bit it will ask if you want to convert to 32-bit click “YES”.

3) Now click ‘Search’ ‘Exact Value’ Value = 5, Address range Custom, Click the button with the dots on it to the right of ‘Type Custom’ and check (tick) ONLY ‘Integer 2 bytes’ now click OK to close it off, and click OK again on the other window. There will be too many results, that’s fine.

artmoney setting integer

Setting integer 2 bytes

4) Go back to the game, unpause, set continues to 4 and pause again. Go back to Artmoney click on ‘Filter’ and ONLY change the value, obviously to 4. The search should have narrowed significantly and yielded only a few results now but if there is only one address in the left pane, skip to step 6.

5) Repeat the process again, set 3 in game (pause emulation) and then 3 in Artmoney (remember Filter), and you should be left with one result.

6) Now this is important (deep breath) go back to the game, start the Tournament, choose a character and once the fight is ready to start (in game), pause the game.

7) Go back to Artmoney, and press down the key combination ALT+A – you should see the numbers in the table on the right changing to the correct values.

If you did everything correctly, you will see the number 3 (or whatever number the credits were set on when you found the address) next to the “offset” and “continues” and 1000 next to the “nrg” in the Artmoney table.

ddv inf nrg

Demonstrating infinite energy

Now you can do what you want, Freeze the continues so you can try as many time as you like, or just have more continues, Freeze the energy etc.


Undiscovered Treasures – Doriath for C64

Howdy all,

I wasn’t familiar with this neat little game and came across it by chance while browsing an issue of the old C64 mag Zzap. Though the staff didn’t give it a glowing review, nonetheless it looked interesting to me so I decided to give it a whirl.

Doriath is an arcade adventure – basically there is a huge sprawling map with platforms, ropes and ladders, problems to overcome like locked doors and assorted nasties that stand between you and the items you need to complete the quest.


Projectile-spitting snakes defend the chest below

You play the part of a wizard Elidaan, so naturally spell casting is the order of the day. To begin with you only know one spell but can accumulate more in the form of collectible Amulets hidden away in chests found throughout the cavernous depths of the game world – the spells are in essence weapons for destroying specific types of monsters that throw a wedge between you and the goodies you seek.

The way spells are cast is by holding down the fire button and navigating the elemental-magic to the final destination, it is a neat touch that your magic can be blocked by obstructions like waterfalls for instance. The way that spells are guided about reminded me very much of Blizzard’s underrated Gem – Blackthorne, how in that game remote bombs were navigated around the level-scape in much the same way.


Ghost defends chest with amulet and I left the correct defense potion is my other Robe!

What appealed to me most about this game I think is the basic pull of any adventure game and that is the exploration element and the prospect of some new tantalizing item that sits just out of reach. Among the things I specifically liked about Doriath was instead of fighting the guardian creatures, rather special potions need to be used at the right time and place to grant you defense from the big nasties.

While I think the basic movement controls & collision detection of this game are pretty much spot on, it must be said it does take a bit of time to adjust because it makes use of the keyboard, Space changes spells and F1 selects items and F4 uses items…playing on an emulator you can map the keys to a gamepad with a prog like Xpadder.


Ol’ Puff defends the scroll piece

A game like Doriath is not strictly about skilled reflexes, though having them certainly can’t hurt. The style of play leans more towards forward thinking, economising items and planning your route carefully in order to fulfill the numerous goals.

I can definitely dig a game like Doriath, with a little help from my friends emulator save states and Topher’s great & hugely helpful map of the game…thanks Topher! In closing, I think this one is well worth checking out!

Total Recall for NES new Game Genie codes!

Once again I have another much unloved game for you, this time Total Recall for NES – US mag Electronic Gaming Monthly rated it worst film to game tie-in in 1990…ouch!

Total Recall (Europe)-17

Dead-beats get perpetually thrown out of the Last Resort

Now I know licensed games have a stigma for being of poor or inferior quality, usually a quick cash-in rush job and more often than not it is true. Is Total Recall for NES any different? It all depends on your point of view, there are always many factors to account for…in any case I found the game to be nothing short of fascinating and quite absorbing in its approach to tie together a basic platform game with the film it is based upon.

Total Recall (Europe)-6

Fun at the Terminal security check-point

Something neat about film tie-ins is that often the game developers are given the movie script perhaps several months or even a year before the film comes out. Obviously some time is needed to develop the game so when it is completed it can coincide with the release of the movie. Of course, script changes are an ongoing process during the gestation of a films’ development, so often the video game will contain remnants of this old script ergo what you get in the game won’t be totally in sync with the movie and this is most definitely the case with Total Recall.

Total Recall (Europe)-3

in-game cut scene

The standout difference is the trip to the cement factory after the talk on the phone with the mysterious stranger (pic above), this plays out totally different in the film where upon a briefcase is left by the pay phone by the stranger, and Quaid wrestles it from the grasp of an obnoxious woman.

Total Recall (Europe)-4

Wino boss with lethal boomerang hat

In the game, Quaid travels to the aforesaid cement factory where he battles with winos and there is a ‘boss’ wino you must fight for the briefcase –  the winos are briefly described in the fifth revision of the script that can be viewed at, however the script Interplay were working from was evidently quite a bit further along and closer to the final script. Also, the way in which Benny is killed in the game differs from the movie, and may have been described as such in the script.

Total Recall (Europe)-19

Nothing to lose your head over

If you have watched the movie and decide to check out the script at you will notice many differences from the final, it precedes the rewrite to be tailored to Arnold so the tone of the movie was completely different with pervading dark humour, it makes for a great read!

Total Recall (Europe)-11

Touching down on Mars



Super Mars Jump tm



stoneheadnote: both codes are necessary. The affect of these codes extends to the enemies, this is because the game economises\recycles code quite extensively. One time during the first boss fight Lori became stuck in the ceiling, but I was not able to reproduce this again.

Canisters grant twice normal health boost



Canisters additionally grant Machine Gun (press pause & then resume to fix gfx)





note: obviously can’t use these ones on real hardware, sorry about that.

All Bosses start with much less energy



final note: if you want to have these codes on your own site, that’s okay, but please drop me the credit as I did spend some time developing them.

Total Recall (Europe)-8

What the?!?