Shedding a little light on unreleased Amiga game – Warrior

Howdy folks,

There was a very early alpha demo of a game called “Warrior” that was released into the scene around 91.

Even in its early state the game looked quite promising, the main character sprite running swagger animation reminded me of Shadow of the Beast 3 as did the boomerang behaviour of the weapons, though I believe this demo predates the release of the aforesaid game by at least a year.

The reflection effect on the water at the bottom of the screen is a nice touch and the tune that accompanies the demo is quite upbeat and pleasant. As I mentioned the game was in a very early stage of development, a little collision detection had been implemented – weapons thrown make enemies flash on contact, the ladders work but other interact-able things like potions and treasure chests, what they may have represented in the final game is left to your imagination.

This game demo was on a disk accompanied by another game preview “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp” now this other game was actually released, the distribution was probably quite limited to some European territories and it was done by little known Norway based team New Line.

I believe that perhaps Warrior was done by people from the same team, I did a little sleuthing and dug through the ASCII code to find some kind of coder tag, and I found ‘B.Y-….JAN’ the lead coder on the only other released New Line game Plexu The Time Travellers – Jan Meltevik. Below is the ASCII from Warrior and Plexu





It is also interesting to note that on another commercially unreleased New Line game “Wacko jr. in Wonderland”, a simple cutesy platform game geared towards youngsters. The music for it was provided by none other than Allister Brimble, he worked on many Codemasters games over the years, and to me Wacko jr. seems like something the Codies might have released and I wonder if maybe there was some kind of contract that fell through or something perhaps.

I will leave you with some pics of New Line’s other games

Plexu - The Time Travellers (1990)(New Line) Boss

Plexu Boss Fight: Triceratops Alien thing

Aladdin's Magic Lamp (1989)(NewLine) Dino

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Boss 2: Robo Dino